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A faith like a guillotine, as heavy, as light.
хмуриться, хмурый взгляд - frown
пример: She frowned at me, clearly annoyed.
пример: "Leave me alone, " she said with a frown.
чувство собственного достоинства, самоуважение - self-esteem
пример: The compliments she received after the presentation boosted her self-esteem.
сознание - consciousness
пример: Her consciousness that she's different makes her feel uneasy.
сумеречное состояние - clouded consciousness
а именно, то есть - namely
пример: She learned an important lesson from failing that exam, namely that nothing is ever certain.
лёгкий - cushy
пример: What a cushy job!
изысканность, утончённость - dainty
пример: She was a small, dainty child, unlike her sister who was large and had big feet.
пренебрегающий (чем-л.) - daredevil
пример: His daredevil stunts are sure to end in disaster someday.
развеивать (чьи-л.) надежды - dash someone's hopes
пример: Mary dashed my hopes when she said she wouldn't marry me.
невозмутимый (вид), бесстрастный, неподвижный, невыразительный - deadpan
пример: He delivered the joke in such a deadpan voice that we thought at first that he was serious.
cтрадать молча, ревновать - eat one's heart out
пример: Don't eat your heart out. You really didn't like him that much, did you?
брать назад свои слова - eat one's words
пример: You shouldn't say that to me. I'll make you eat your words!
индивидуальная отличительная особенность (характера, стиля и т.п.) - idiosyncrasy
пример: I am not sure why he always taps his head when he thinks; it’s just an idiosyncrasy.
грубый, невоспитанный - ill-bred
пример: Nothing could be more ill-bred than to treat curtly any overture made in spontaneous friendliness.
неразборчивый почерк - illegible handwriting
смутные грезы - tenuous imaginings

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A faith like a guillotine, as heavy, as light.
приверженность / соблюдение - adherence
пример: He was noted for his strict adherence to the rules.
рассмотрение / соображение / предупредительность - consideration
пример: After some consideration, we've decided to sell the house.
предприимчивость - enterprise
пример: Don't forget this is a commercial enterprise - we're here to make money.
озабоченность - preoccupation
пример: My main preoccupation now is trying to keep life normal for the sake of my two boys.
изобретательность - ingenuity
пример: Drug smugglers constantly use their ingenuity to find new ways of getting drugs into a country.
алчность/жадность - greed
пример: I don't know why I'm eating more - it's not hunger, it's just greed!
напряжённость - tension
пример: You could feel the tension in the room as we waited for our exam results.
скромность - modesty
пример: She does a lot of work for charities, but her modesty forbids her from talking about it.
утомительность/скука - Soldiers often say that the worst thing about fighting is not the moments of terror, but all the hours of tedium in between.
пренебрежение - neglect
пример: He neglects that poor dog - he never takes him for walks or gives him any attention.
халатность / небрежность - negligence
пример: My mother accuses me of negligence unless I phone her every day.
замешательство - confusion
пример: To avoid confusion, the twins never wore the same clothes.
недоумение - bewilderment, perplexity
пример: As he walked through the door, she stared at him in utter bewilderment.
пример: She stared at the instruction booklet in complete perplexity.

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Freak the Mighty

A faith like a guillotine, as heavy, as light.

Because later, when we're down by the pond and the first of the rockets is streaking up, up, up, Freak is making a fuss bacause he can't see. There are so many people crowded around, all he can see are feet and knees, and people are lifting their little kids up to see the fireworks explode like hot pink flowers in the sky, and so I just sort of reach down, without thinking and pick up Freak and set him on my shoulders. He's kind of trembly up there until he grabs hold on my hair to steady himself, and then the first really big rocket whams off, a humongous thud! I can feel in my stomach, and Freak is shouting, "Awwww right!" and I know it's okay, he's not flipped out because I picked him up and put him on my shoulders like he was a little kid instead of possibly the smartest human being in the world. "Magnesium!" he shouts as the white sparkles glitter down over the pond. "Potassium chlorate!" as the shells go womp-womp-womp and everybode goes ooooooooh. "Potassium nitrate! Sulphur! Aluminum!" And after a burst of hot red fire in the sky, Freak tugs my hair and screams, "Coper! That's copper powder combusting with oxygen!" And then when the fire blossoms are flashing blue he goes, "Good old strontium nitrate!" and I'm thinking whoa! is there anything this little dude doesn't know?

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