A faith like a guillotine, as heavy, as light.
приверженность / соблюдение - adherence
пример: He was noted for his strict adherence to the rules.
рассмотрение / соображение / предупредительность - consideration
пример: After some consideration, we've decided to sell the house.
предприимчивость - enterprise
пример: Don't forget this is a commercial enterprise - we're here to make money.
озабоченность - preoccupation
пример: My main preoccupation now is trying to keep life normal for the sake of my two boys.
изобретательность - ingenuity
пример: Drug smugglers constantly use their ingenuity to find new ways of getting drugs into a country.
алчность/жадность - greed
пример: I don't know why I'm eating more - it's not hunger, it's just greed!
напряжённость - tension
пример: You could feel the tension in the room as we waited for our exam results.
скромность - modesty
пример: She does a lot of work for charities, but her modesty forbids her from talking about it.
утомительность/скука - Soldiers often say that the worst thing about fighting is not the moments of terror, but all the hours of tedium in between.
пренебрежение - neglect
пример: He neglects that poor dog - he never takes him for walks or gives him any attention.
халатность / небрежность - negligence
пример: My mother accuses me of negligence unless I phone her every day.
замешательство - confusion
пример: To avoid confusion, the twins never wore the same clothes.
недоумение - bewilderment, perplexity
пример: As he walked through the door, she stared at him in utter bewilderment.
пример: She stared at the instruction booklet in complete perplexity.

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